Release Notes - Float Beta v0.7
Jul 16, 2021 07:19 PM
Shipping 🚢
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Hey Floaters!
Here's what we just rolled out at Float. We've made a whole bunch of improvements:
✨ Revamped onboarding. We've drastically reduced the number of steps needed to get up and running.
✨ Hidden pages. You can now hide Notion pages that you're still working on to prevent them from being included in your course!
✨ SEO metadata. You can now add SEO metadata and social sharing images to your courses!
🎨 Revamped editor. We've rebuilt our editor from the ground up! It's cleaner and leaner now 😎
🐞 Bug fixes. Being a first release, there were definitely issues that needed be fixed. Thanks for hanging with us!
⚡ Performance improvements. All pages load noticeably faster now.
💸 Stripe Connect. You no longer need a Gumroad account to get started with Float! Manage your productsproductos and payouts all within the Float platform.
📱 Mobile editing experience. You can now create Float courses on the go.🔗 Internal Links. Clicking on linked Notion pages in your Float courses work properly now!
⚽ Headers. Add H1 or H2 to your courses to separate different sections.
Up next: custom domains, themes, and fonts!
As always, thanks for being part of our community and believing in us. Blake and I won't stop until we've made Float the best course platform. 
Keep floatin',